The Art of Archaeolexicology

Welcome to my blog: Readings In Reverse. The name of this blog refers to the fact that Hebrew, which is my focus language, is written and read from right to left. I have been studying Biblical Hebrew inside and outside of University since 1998, and recently completed a Master of Arts at the University of Sydney, majoring in Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies. I am also familiar with Biblical Aramaic, and I am steadily growing in my knowledge of Koine Greek – the language of the New Testament. For more of my background please check out my profile.

Now, for my first blog note I want to discuss and define a term that I have coined (as far as I am aware at least), which features as part of my header: archaeolexicology. The term is a combination of archaeo, from Greek archaios/αρχαιος, meaning “ancient”, and lexicology, which is the study of words, their meanings, form and usage. Therefore, a simple definition might be: the study of ancient words. And this is what I am passionate about - especially concerning the study of the original languages of the Bible, both the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. 

Archaeolexicology also describes my personal approach to studying the Bible for spiritual purposes. For me, the study of the Bible’s original languages is an invaluable spiritual exercise, and I always learn something new when I read the Hebrew Bible. Though I do not profess to know the Bible better than others or that I am a spiritual giant by any means, I enjoy what I do, and I greatly desire to share and discuss what I have learned and continue to learn. Therefore, this blog is a means of expression, a journal of my experiences, discoveries and relationship with the biblical languages and with God, as well as a testing ground for my ideas. Please make comments and share your opinions, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.


  1. Great start!! I can't wait for more to come.

  2. Sounds pretty interesting. call me as soon as you discover the hidden code :)

  3. I am really looking forward to learning a lot through your blog.

  4. Wow that is fantastic! Very thought provoking and encouraging! Well worth the read! I will check back...


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